Building Strategies for Organizational Change

Since 1998, we have been passionate about transforming and improving performance for educational institutions, government agencies, government-funded programs, human service organizations, nonprofits, school districts, and universities.











Our Work

We provide a creative blend of strategic consulting for organizational systems design, technology automation, and professional development training. Our innovative instructional training and learning methodologies ensure lifelong success for an organization's systems and infrastructure improvement.


Our consulting framework is built upon systems to:

  • Assess and analyze gaps and capabilities;

  • Align needs with current programs and services; 

  • Plan and coordinate processes and activities; 

  • Develop and design a Strategic Action Plans;

  • Develop and design Educational/Instructional Technology Plans

  • Create effective evaluation systems;

  • Craft an internal and external communications strategy; and

  • Inclusive professional development and training of staff.

Our Services


Training and Development

Quality training and staff development using a learner-centric  instructional model that aligns with strategic, technology, and operational key performance indicators. 

Analysis and Accountability 

Data analysis, monitoring, and reporting that drives decision-making focused on successful outcomes for key stakeholders (leadership, students, staff, employees, donors, etc.)

Finance and Grants Management

Analyze financial systems to reduce the impact of high-risk factors, support capital  improvements to create clean and green energy environments, and ensure stakeholders have access to quality resources and growth opportunities.​

Operations and Policy

Develop and support a highly-qualified, competitive, and skilled workforce and design innovative structures for ongoing monitoring and management of a policy driven organizational practices for data sharing and information reporting across the organization, to regulatory agencies, and transparency for community stakeholders.


Design and develop marketing collateral, manage  digital engagement and media relations that communicates a responsible organizational management structure and performance data that is accessible to all stakeholders.

Infrastructure as a Service 

Develop organizational systems topology for centralized and cloud-based management of digital and physical work spaces, improve data conversions and  automated work flow to improve use of productivity and learning tools.

Vivian Palmer

Vivian is a successful cross-industry professional with over 25 years of experience in organizational operations including: educational technology systems, instructional design, systems design and integration, organizational management and restructuring, qualitative/quantitative analysis, human capital management, and professional development and staff training. Vivian received her Bachelor's degree in Math and Education from the University of Detroit-Mercy and her Master's degree from Wayne State University in Instructional Technology/Human Performance and Improvement. 

Jackie Palmer

Jackie Palmer is an expert in communication and business development with a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organization and start-up management industry with strong skills in public relations, advocacy campaigns, digital marketing communications and corporate partnerships.

Dr. Marcia Griffiths-Prince

Marcia Griffiths-Prince specializes in in leadership development. She is a professor, entrepreneur, author, grant writer and reviewer, book and peer reviewer for education, information texts.

Marilee Bylsma

Marilee Bylsma is an expert in leadership development, professional development, K-12 and special education, needs assessment, data analysis, and operations.

Ronnie Belle

Ronnie Belle is an expert in program development, needs assessment, data analysis, transformational leadership, personalized learning, and strategic planning.

Doug Mott

Doug Mott is a creative problem solver with over 15 years of experience with systems integration, systems development, data analysis, and technical support.


Our Team


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